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Use pieces that you probably already own to create four easy boho summer outfits.

:: 1 ::


Easy Boho Black Dress Summer Outfit
A black slip dress with a brown hobo bag, leather huarache sandals, and brown aviators make an easy, boho summer outfit.

:: 2 ::


Boho Burgundy Summer Outfit

Burgundy fringe sandals and gold accessories turn a simple pair of distressed cutoffs and a tank into an easy and cute boho summer outfit.

:: 3 ::


Boho Summer Outfit

Speaking of burgundy, turn a simple slip dress into a cute boho outfit with a layered necklace, brown sandals, and a leather bracelet. Don’t forget your round brown sunnies, and you’re ready for the next festival!


:: 4 ::


Summer Outfit Idea
Switch the burgundy for black for a chic boho summer outfit. 

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